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5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

photo via flickr Sure, immediately after you’ve been dumped, you’ll probably want to do nothing more than drown your sorrows in cheap wine while watching the entire series of Felicity on Netflix. Twice. But after a while, those hangovers will get old, and you’ll find yourself ready to do something other than sob into your […]

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Tips on Technique & Taboos for Your Archetype

Our next installment of Bedroom Tips for each archetype on ArchetypeMe — the community site which tailors content and products to individual personalities — is out now! Part 1 of this series was on Seduction; this next part is on Satisfaction, wherein we give each of the 10 archetypes 3 tips on techniques and taboos specifically suggested […]

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The 10 Archetypes of Sex

Since we’ve been writing for the new community site ArchetypeMe, which tailors content and products to individual personalities, we had the pleasure of helping them out with their new ArcheGuide on Bedroom Tips. It’s a five-part series which gives specific sexual advice for each of the ten archetypes. (After all, Rebels aren’t the only ones […]

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Top 5 Tips for Taking Saucy Pics Together

photo via She Hit Pause Studios Shooting naked photos together can be embarrassing and even terrifying, but it can also be an incredibly sexy and intimate experience. Plus, no matter how you feel about your shape, we’re pretty sure that in thirty years you’ll wish you had that body — and you’ll be glad you […]

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Orgasms

At least half the advice questions we receive from readers are about orgasms, and we’ve been dishing about orgasms for almost fifteen years, but even we are constantly learning new things about how orgasms work. Here are five orgasm tidbits you probably don’t know… 1. Men Fake, Too Sure, women fake orgasms sometimes — we […]

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Top 5 Works of Dirty Literature You Can Read in Public

We’d never be caught dead reading Fifty Shades of Grey — let alone well-written erotica — in public. There’s just something unseemly about it, like PDA with too much tongue. But there are plenty of books that can satisfy your craving for smut while making you appear erudite to your neighbors on the beach or the subway. Tropic of […]

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Watch This, Not That: 5 MORE Netflix Date Movies to Watch (& 5 Not To)

Last week we reviewed some great love stories available on Netflix Instant – along with our opinions on which were best for date night and which were probably best saved for quiet moments alone with a pint of ice cream and your favorite sweatpants. And with so many good options to choose from, we’re back […]

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Watch This, Not That: 5 Netflix Instant Date Movies to Watch (& 5 Not To)

There are some gems on Netflix that you can watch instantly, and many of them are especially good for a date night. But choose wisely: some are perfect for cuddling up on the couch together, while others just seem that way.   1.Recent Indie RomCom: Watch Safety Not Guaranteed, NOT No Strings Attached The huge star power of No Strings […]

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5 Reasons to Give Quickies a Try

We believe that the quickie is one of the most underrated sex acts out there. Perhaps this is because everyone from Sting to porn producers to teen boys reciting baseball statistics in bed are convinced that going long is always better. Here are five reasons why, sometimes, less is more. 1. You Need Your Beauty […]

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The 5 Most Important Things to Know About Spanking (Before You Try It)

A little spanking session in the bedroom is a quick, easy, and affordable way to spice things up (look ma, nothing but hands!). But as with anything involving painful pleasure, there are always important safety issues — both physical and emotional — that you should familiarize yourself with first, before you go swatting away like […]

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5 Easy Ways to Talk Dirtier Tonight

Dirty talk can terrify even the most seasoned sexual adventurer—people are afraid of sounding stupid or afraid of like a pornstar… or perhaps they’re afraid of not sounding like a pornstar. But when you break it down, dirty talk is actually much simpler and more approachable than you might think. Here are five easy ways […]

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Sex

photo via flickr 1. A well-designed sex toy can make a fabulous gift. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Just Because Day, whenever. Well, perhaps not if you’ve been on just a date or two — but if you’re in the kind of serious long-term relationship where you’ve met each other’s parents and explored each other’s orifices, then giving […]

Check Out Our New BFF, ArchetypeMe

We’re now writing for the new site, ArchetypeMe. You can check out our articles every week in the Rebel Archetype section. In order to explain what ArchetypeMe is exactly, let’s start with some definitions from the site: Ar • che • type [ahr-ki-type] noun: A universal pattern of behavior that motivates everything we do An Archetype […]