5 Reasons to Give Quickies a Try

We believe that the quickie is one of the most underrated sex acts out there. Perhaps this is because everyone from Sting to porn producers to teen boys reciting baseball statistics in bed are convinced that going long is always better. Here are five reasons why, sometimes, less is more.

1. You Need Your Beauty Sleep
Research consistently shows that people would choose a good night’s sleep over sex. And sure, when you crawl into bed at midnight and, with a heavy heart, set your alarm for six a.m., then an hour or two of sensual tantric love-making doesn’t sound that appealing. But what about five or ten minutes of intense passion followed by a sleep-inducing orgasm? Now we’re talking.

2. Women Don’t Always Need As Much Time As You Think
We’ve all heard that women at least need thirty minutes of extended foreplay in order to truly enjoy sex. But then how come during masturbation, women climax, on average, in less than four minutes? (Guys take an average of two to three minutes to orgasm.) Teach your partner your secret self-love techniques and then see if you can set a personal best!

3. Quickies Are Hot
The pace of a quickie creates a sense of urgency and need, and this is (a) incredibly hot and (b) often missing from the kind of leisurely, routine sex that is common in long-term relationships. You get extra urgency points if you leave some clothes on and have your quickie in a hallway or bathroom, etc.

4. Quickie Erotica
Need help? Check out the book Got a Minute: 60-Second Erotica, edited by Alison Tyler. The super-short erotic stories will help get you in the mood fast. Erotica is not for everyone—if you’re like us, you might find yourself rolling your eyes at the cheesy plot twists or characterization—but quickie erotica will be over before you have time to critique it!

5. More Quickies = More Sex
We often hear from women in long-term relationships that if sex didn’t last so long—we’re talking ten minutes instead of close to an hour—they’d be up for more of it. And research backs this up: One study found that the most satisfying intercourse for couples lasts for anywhere between three and thirteen minutes. Plus, more sex—no matter what kind of sex it is—tends to make you feel good about your sex life, which leads to even more sex.


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  1. Quickies are definitely needed during the work week when one or both work late and things need to get done/kids need to be taken to practice. They allow for the closeness to stay intact while not taking all night long.

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