Check Out Our New BFF, ArchetypeMe

We’re now writing for the new site, ArchetypeMe. You can check out our articles every week in the Rebel Archetype section. In order to explain what ArchetypeMe is exactly, let’s start with some definitions from the site:

Ar • che • type [ahr-ki-type] noun: A universal pattern of behavior that motivates everything we do

An Archetype is defined as a specific pattern of behavior that describes your soul. Your Archetypes are the blueprints of the soul. You are born with them. They can change according to the time of day or time in your life. They live above all else, and that includes such elemental factors as age, race, religion, gender, education, profession, and socioeconomics. Archetypes are often grouped into Archetypal families. These families include Caring, Creative, Thinking, Physical, Visionary, Royal, Spiritual, Fashion, Advocate, and Rebel. Within each family are multitudes of different expressions of the archetype. Archetypes originated with the great philosopher Plato and are at the core of the influential Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s analysis of human behavior. Archetypes are rooted in sound science as well as mysticism.

What’s in it for you?

When you know your archetype, you live your destiny, not your fate. You live a truly empowered life guided by synchronicity that shows you the doors you should walk through and those you should avoid. Knowing your archetypes gives you an intuitive language to help you understand yourself and others. Once you know your archetypes, every choice you make—from a new friend, relationship, job, choice of clothing, or home décor—will be made through the prism of those archetypes. ArchetypeMe provides you with a new social platform to connect you to yourself as well as to others.

How the site works:

  1. Take the quiz to determine your three main archetypes. Then, everyday ArchetypeMe creates new content (called “The Daily Me”) tailored to your personal archetype combo.
  2. If you’re curious about other archetypes, you can explore those sections, too (you can even switch your archetypes to get the related content you want*).
  3. Activate your “ME” button by dragging into your bookmarks bar. Use it to collect your favorite stories and images from the site and around the web.
  4. Find and invite your friends and discover what their archetypes are and what makes them click. When you click on “community”, you can find the stuff your friends like.

So, we took the ArchetypeMe quiz together as Em & Lo and discovered our archetype combo is Creative, Intellectual and Caregiver. Of course, all our articles live in the Rebel archetype section, where most of the sexeeee stuff is, so we’re considering switching. (After all, can two ladies who love potty humor and bad puns really be considered “Intellectual”?).

Take the quiz, discover your archetypes, and then “friend” us over there!