5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Orgasms

At least half the advice questions we receive from readers are about orgasms, and we’ve been dishing about orgasms for almost fifteen years, but even we are constantly learning new things about how orgasms work. Here are five orgasm tidbits you probably don’t know…

1. Men Fake, Too
Sure, women fake orgasms sometimes — we knew that even before Meg Ryan showed us how. In fact, nearly 60% of women have faked an orgasm at least once. But they’re not the only ones! Research shows that 19% of men have faked an orgasm, too. (We’re guessing that in most of those situations, the man was too drunk to finish and his partner was too drunk to notice him squirreling away an empty condom.)

2. She Sometimes Comes First
Speaking of male vs female orgasms: Men aren’t the only ones who sometimes climax sooner than they’d like. Sure, it’s primarily a male concern, but we’ve heard from multiple women who wish they could stretch out the period before their climax more. We know it sounds like those women who complain about being too skinny, but for some women, it’s a real problem!

3. Orgasm Science Is Full of Good News
How cool is this: The vagus nerve, which is involved in the orgasm, bypasses the spinal cord. As researchers (including G-spot goddess Dr. Beverly Whipple) have recently discovered, this means that paraplegics can still climax, despite having little or no sensation or movement below the waist.

4. Monogamy Is Good for the Orgasm Gap
Here’s good news for all you fans of long-term monogamy: As a relationship progresses, the orgasm gap between men and women closes. In casual hookups, or at the very beginning of a sexual relationship, women climax only 32% as often as their male partners. But in serious relationships, women climax about 80% as often as men, aw yeah. (No wonder we hear from so many men who tell us that they can’t keep up with their girlfriend or wife’s libido — once a woman figures out how to climax with her partner, she wants sex more than ever!)

5. Kegels Are for Everyone
Doing kegel exercises on a regular basis can lead to more intense orgasms for women and men. (Men who kegel can also get stronger erections and more staying power, FYI.) The basic regimen, for both men and women, is squeeze, hold, release, repeat. Here is a detailed how-to guide on kegels for him, and here is a detailed how-to guide on kegels for her.


This article originally appeared on ArchetypeMe.com