The 10 Archetypes of Sex

Since we’ve been writing for the new community site ArchetypeMe, which tailors content and products to individual personalities, we had the pleasure of helping them out with their new ArcheGuide on Bedroom Tips. It’s a five-part series which gives specific sexual advice for each of the ten archetypes. (After all, Rebels aren’t the only ones who enjoy a roll between the sheets!) The first part, which just launched, covers “The Art of Seduction.” Below is our own quick summary of each type, with a link to each type’s tips for seducing — figure out which three types fit you best and then sign up on ArchetypeMe to get your kind of content. And then stay tuned for ArchetypeMe‘s next four parts on everything from bedroom accessories to romantic communication that make the most sense for you!

1. CreativeThey’re not necessarily up for anything, but they will try new and unique ways to spice things up. Think: dramatic mood lighting, hand-sewn lingerie, homemade massage lotion, fun with chocolate sauce, and DIY sex toys. Read about seduction tips for the Creative here.

2. Rebel: These types are up for anything. You name it, they’ve probably tried it. Don’t expect old-fashioned stereotypical gender roles to be played out in the bedroom. And know that they will discuss your co-minglings openly with their friends at brunch and on their blog. Read about seduction tips for the Rebel here.

2. AdvocateThey’ll join a self-love-a-thon for a cause, get naked in protest, and refuse to sleep with anyone who doesn’t support reproductive rights and sex education. Any bedside accessories will be organic, rechargeable, and/or made of recycled materials. These types are probably the most responsible when it comes to sex, since they don’t want to contribute to overpopulation. So you can expect two forms of birth control. Read about seduction tips for the Advocate here.

4. IntellectualDue to their vast anatomical knowledge, they can adeptly manipulate all the necessary spots — G-spot, A-spot, P-spot, PS-spot — so that orgasms are basically guaranteed, all the while reciting passages from Ovid’s Ars Amatoria in your ear…from memory…in the original Latin. Read about seduction tips for the Intellectual here.

5. AthleteThe sex is aerobic and sweaty. Sometimes it’s in the great outdoors (on a hike, at the beach). Sometimes it’s standing up (they have the upper- and lower-body strength to pull it off). Due to greater flexibility, they can experiment with trickier positions (e.g. the Bridge). They can go long, enjoying marathon sessions that would impress Sting. And, for obvious reasons, Athletes have the best bodies. Read about seduction tips for the Athlete here.

6. SpiritualThese types don’t have sex, they make love. There is lots of face holding, eye contact and soul melding. Male archetypes might sport sensitive ponytails. They all own at least one book on Tantric sex. In fact, we’d guess the majority have attended at least one Tantra workshop. Read about seduction tips for the Spiritual here.

7. Tastemaker: They believe that nudity is overrated and that having sex while leaving something on — especially couture lingerie or awesome shoes — adds a sense of urgency and passion to the whole affair. After sex, enjoy wrapping yourself up in the cashmere robe that is sure to be hanging in their bedroom. Read about seduction tips for the Tastemaker here.

8. CaregiverThese are the givers in bed. They are way more concerned about your pleasure than their own — sometimes to a fault. If you’re in a relationship with one, they’ll rarely refuse your advances, even if they have a headache. Caregivers are, by far, the best cuddlers and back ticklers. Read about seduction tips for the Caregiver here.

9. Visionary: The Visionary is the first of your friends to attend a play party; the sub who will try topping for once because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander; and the guy who’ll be the first to take the male birth control pill when it finally comes out.  Read about seduction tips for the Visionary here.

10. Royal/ExecutiveThese are the people who know what they want and how to get it…in bed. With any kinky play, they will be the dominant. The sheets will be high thread-count and any sex toys will be high end (Swarovski-encrusted vibe, anyone?). The encounters will either be quickies crammed in to fit their busy schedules, or spontaneous weekend-long romps in Paris. Read about seduction tips for the Royal here.