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Madamoiselle, I hope the testosterone does the trick for you.
Let me know if you try Womanzone what the outcome is, it would be interesting to hear your point of view. 🙂

Madamoiselle L

Thanks, Suzanne. 🙂 Thanks, ss. My doc said that testosterone was mostly for women with a low libido, although I really wanted to try it, because I heard it could help with my symptom of perimenopause. I’m going to give my GYN an other chance, because there is an Estrogen/Testosterone pill, but who knows? I don’t do well on oral estrogen. Migraines etc. I haven’t seen a testosterone jel or creme in the USA, it is usually given with an injection or pill.

An other thing is getting insurance to pay for it, as some consider it “experimental.” Our insurance SUCKS!


Madmoiselle, I tested Womanzone Feminine Pleasure Gel a couple of years ago. I’m sure you should still be able to get it here is the link to their site http://www.womanzone.org.
I hope it works for you it certainly did for me. 😉


ML, you might also consider talking to a Holistic Nutritionist (that’s what they’re called here in Canada), as you might benefit from a multi-pronged (no pun intended :)) approach: Diet, nutritional supplements, herbs, and natural estrogen replacement therapies. I remember watching a show, and I was sure the woman (who had a similar issue) was using a topical testosterone cream, not estrogen, can that be right?

Madamoiselle L

Oh, Suz, I did want to ask. Which creme made you “oversensitive?” There are so many on the market, and so many are so expensive that a few times, we wasted our money on stuff that was nothing buy menthol or peppermint oil and did nothing for either of us, but burn!

Which one did you find the most sensitizing? No reason not to employ every method we hear of! We’re always up for trying something new.

Thanks again.

Madamoiselle L
Thank you for the advice, Suzanne. I’ve tried about 4 or more different sensitizing jels, ointments ect, with little luck. Estrogen helps some women in perimenopause have more regular tissue, and may help it doesn’t directly sensitize the clitoris, but the desensitization occurs BECAUSE Of natural estrogen drops in the woman’s body. I’ve got half a dozen different kind of vibes, and have also tried abstaining from any vibration for up to a week, without much luck, but this issue probably started (very slowly) even before we started using them at all. I’m not really sure, but this is not… Read more »
Madamoiselle, have you tried using a sensitivity heightening cream? Is oestrogen cream a sensitising cream? There are quite a few on the market and they do work, I’ve tested one in the past and it made me over sensitive so I’m sure it would have been good for others not so sensitive. I’ve also read that some vibrators can operate at frequencies which can create a temporary numbing effect with regular use. I’m waiting to receive the paper which backs up this claim but I’ve noticed that over stimulation of my clitoris makes it slightly numb and I have to… Read more »