Dream Interpretation: A Dolphin Couple Swam Under My Front Lawn

dolphinsphoto by Zest-pk

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means (after the jump). This week, a reader asks Lauri:

A friend says that the dream I had was sexual because dolphins are the only other animal, beside humans, who have sex for pleasure. I think it was too many oysters that night. In the dream, I was gardening in the front yard when I noticed two dolphins “swimming” under the grass. They seemed upset and I couldn’t help them. My spouse was not bothered by them and I couldn’t get her attention to have her help me. As the dolphins started to swim deeper, I woke up.

Lauri: Well, let’s see if your friend is right… or just horny!  You are gardening in the dream, which means this is about something in waking life you have been working on that you hope will grow and flourish… like a garden.  This could be your career, a project, an investment, or even your marriage.  This is taking place in the front yard, which means it is about how you feel others perceive you, the “Front” you put up for the world to see…

The dolphins are a part of you.  Typically, dolphins represent one’s playful side.  Has something that used to be fun now become upsetting? There were two dolphins so it is possible they represent you and your wife. The fact that the dolphins were swimming under the grass rather than under the water may suggest that you or something in your life is displaced, not “at home.”   Whatever it is, it is something that only concerns you since your wife could not be bothered with it in the dream.  It could be that your wife doesn’t see the issue as being a problem in waking life. Just as you weren’t able to get her attention in the dream, what in waking life are you having a hard time getting her to recognize?  It is also possible that you couldn’t get her help in the dream because this is YOUR issue and you alone are the only one who can correct it.

The point at which we wake up from a dream is usually the point, the message our dreaming mind wants to leave us with.  The dolphins were swimming deeper, which means this is an issue that needs to be brought to the surface and taken care of before things get worse, before you get too deeply involved in something  you can’t get out of.
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