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4 Comments on "Poll: Do You Use Vibes with Your Partner?"

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I do love to use sextoys with my partner but I don’t like using vibrators that much. I love to stimulate myself manually. After awhile I feel as if vibrators can make your clit numb and make it harder to stimulate it manually.


We use vibes in a variety of ways : g-spot help, role plays or just for a change. It was fun and exciting. Then we bought a we-vibe and holysmokes did sex with vibes go to a sensational stratospheric level.


My boyfriend loves my Hitachi Magic Wand almost as much as I do. He says it takes the pressure off him to get the job done every time, so we’re both able to just relax and have fun.


I’d say the majority of my gifts to my wife are sex toys. Second would be clothing.