PostSecret Tells Aliens Everything They Need to Know About (Loving) the Human Race

Some — okay, most — photo blogs are funny for about as long as it takes you to read their gimmicky title and first post. And others continue to be funny, moving, inspiring, entertaining, or heartbreaking years later. Like PostSecret, which is all of these and more. The website is an ongoing community art project where people anonymously submit their secrets on a 4-by-6-inch homemade postcard — and it’s a lovely little uncorrupted corner of the internet. (Not so little, though: They claim to be the largest advertisement-free blog in the world.) Every time we go back to check in on PostSecret, we’re blown away all over again. If we wanted to explain to alien visitors what humans are like, what they need, what they love, and what they fear, we’d send them here. Here are some of our recent faves:

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