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Top 10 Summer Movies to See (a Guess)

Spider-who? Bat-who? Bourne-who? Forget the summer action blockbusters. This season we’re much more interested in the softer, sassier, saucier flicks. Instead of aliens, action and adventure, sex, love, family and friendship are the big themes with these movies. Women make up a majority of the lead roles (for a change). Most are indie. And for […]

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Top 10 Celebrities with the Best Porn Star Names, Round 2

photo via AMC In response to our post “Top 10 Celebrities with Awesome Porn Names,” we got enough great additional ideas to warrant round two! 1) January Jones (thx to Sofia) 2) Whitney Cummings (thx to ThisGuy) 3) Cobie Smulders (thx to Sage) the next 4 thx to sr123: 4) Dick Armey (ed note: after all, the guy is a […]

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The Best Commencement Speech of 2012

Commencement season is wrapping up and everyone’s coming out with their “Best Commencement Speeches of 2012” lists — all with the usual suspects, of course: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Mitt Romney, Michael Bloomberg, Brian Williams, Katie Couric, Oprah Winfrey… yeah, yeah, yeah, a few jokes, some heartfelt platitudes, lots of security. Yawn. But our hands-down absolute favorite […]

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Guess the Celebrity Casual Sex Quote

photo via “The Voice” Most of the time when celebrities are interviewed, they blab on about how talented the director was or what their craft means to them (yawn). But every now and then they’ll open up about something a little more racy. See if you can match up the following celebrities to their quotes […]

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Friends with Kids

photo via FriendsWithKids.com Note: This review is written by Em, who loved the movie Friends with Kids. It’s really hard to talk about the new movie Friends with Kids (written, directed, produced by, and starring Jennifer Westfeldt of Kissing Jessica Stein) without a massive plot spoiler, because the closing line is one of the dirtiest, […]

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Coming Soon: Lovelace, Inferno & Cherry (Movies, Not Axe Body Spray Scents)

Yesterday we discussed celebrities with porn names. Today we’re talking about celebrities in porn movies. Okay, not actual skin flicks. No, movies about skin flicks. Just as there are two modern movie versions of Snow White coming out at the same time (our money’s on Charlize Theron’s evil queen kicking Julia Roberts’ queen’s ass), there […]

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Top 20 Celebrities with Awesome Porn Names

A recent article in Salon about trends in porn names (disturbingly, there is apparently a “direct correlation between trendy baby names and porn stars’ names”) got us thinking about celebrities whose names are perfectly designed for a post-career-slump porno. Here are our top 10 favorite male and female celebrities with porn names: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (she […]

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The Top 10 Most Realistic Sex Scenes of the Year

A.k.a the Top 10 Best Sex Scenes of 2011. Because what makes a sex scene great — at least in our opinion — is when there is some genuine realism in it: maybe heads get bonked or tears are shed or body parts fail or giggles erupt. Call it skinema verite. To view this list with […]

The Oscars: If the Academy Weren’t So Afraid of Sex

photo via Flickr When the Oscars primarily entail being lectured by a bunch of narcissistic celebrities about how awesome and important their jobs are, when the highlight is Sacha Baron Cohen spilling the Bisquick ashes of Kim Jong Il all over “Bryan” Seacrest’s $1000 suit on the red carpet, and when the most scandalous moment […]

Top 10 Sex Scandals of 2011

photo of DSK graffiti via Flickr It’s the most top-10-list time of year! And we’re not even going to try to resist its allure. 2011 was no stranger to sex scandals (is any year?). Most were political and/or not really all that surprising. And so, without further ado….(click on the link for a summary of […]

Did Mariah Carey Invent the Sexy Santa Look?

Earlier this week on our site, we asked our Wise Guys what was up with the sexy Santa lingerie thing. Which naturally lead us to thinking about Mariah Carey, and how she basically owns the entire sexy Santa category, not to mention the sub-category of soft-core porn Santa. We know she didn’t exactly invent the […]

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Fucking James Franco

photo via Flickr Kickstarter.com is a funding platform for music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative projects. If a project doesn’t reach its stated funding goal before time runs out, no money changes hands. One art project that just met its $2000 goal before its closing date this coming Saturday thanks to over 100 backers is “Fucking James Franco,” a […]

Feminist Ryan Gosling

We never really understood the whole Ryan Gosling thing — he seemed kind of like a pompous, pretentious ac-tor with zero sense of humor. That is, until we saw him on Ellen in onesie pajamas on a stationary bike earlier this year. Boy, were we schooled then. Now we’re on board — well, we’re not […]

I Heart Kevin Smith

Lo here: Em has always been a Howard Stern fan. As a staunch, man-hating feminist, I never got on board. Too many sad strippers willing to be reduced to body parts for love and attention — at least in the K-Rock days. No, for provocative, foul-mouthed, sex-related audio content, I’ll take Kevin Smith’s Hollywood Babble-On with […]

Naked News: Jim Carrey Confesses Love to Emma Stone

Kind of funny but mostly creepy: Jim Carrey confesses his love to Emma Stone via online video. Speaking of weird celebrity confessions of love, Sinead O’Connor is apparently into anal and on the prowl (is this just some weird performance art project of hers? One hopes). Study shows pick-up artists techniques work to pair-up like-minded men and women […]

The Media’s Pornification of Women

Here’s a fascinating but not all that surprising study from the University of Buffalo: they recently analyzed more than 1,000 images of men and women on Rolling Stone covers over the course of 43 years (they chose Rolling Stone since it’s a well-established, pop-culture media outlet) and found the following: In the 1960s, 11 percent of […]