The Final Word on Vajazzling?

photo via flickr

When Jennifer Love Hewitt went on Conan recently, he asked her about vajazzling — the act of adorning one’s genitals with crystals — and she responded,  “It makes you feel saucy, and I don’t know, it’s kind of fun to walk around and just think that nobody has any idea how shiny it is down there!”

Here’s the thing, J.Love: You invented the freakin’ term vajazzling (yes, we’re a little jealous). And you talk about it all the time. (Yes, we know that’s because annoying celebrity interviewers keep bringing it up.) Which means that everybody knows exactly how shiny it is down there.

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep on adorning your bad self. But we just thought you should know.

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  1. Since I just wrote a rant on your vulva vs vagina poll, I’ll leave a related rant here. The first time I heard the word, I was terribly confused as to why someone would want crystals on her vagina — doesn’t that hurt, like, when you sit down? How do you get things to stick, with things being so, you know, moist? Of course I realized what she’s actually talking about is sticking gems basically on her abdomen. Maybe the outer part of her vulva. Certainly not her vagina! Now I think the word just makes her sound like an idiot. A grown woman that doesn’t know the words for her own anatomy! Ridiculous!

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