Top 10 Summer Movies to See (a Guess)

Spider-who? Bourne-who? Nevermind summer action blockbusters, this season we’re much more interested in love, family, and friendship with our summer lineup. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t find those themes in films about space, but if you’re a more down-to-earth person (literally) then these sassy and saucy flicks will be just right for you.

In our lineup, women make up a majority of the lead roles (for a change). Most are indie. And for some reason they all come out this month. Guess it makes sense to get your summer love on early.

1. LOLA VERSUS (June 8) – Dumped 3 weeks before her wedding, 29-year-old Lola (played by the lovable Greta Gerwig) embarks on a series of desperate encounters to find her place in the world before hitting the big 3-O.

2. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED (June 8) – They had us at “From the producers of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE.” Aubrey Plaza (PARKS AND RECREATION) plays an intern at a Seattle magazine who goes undercover to investigate the author of a classified ad seeking someone to time travel with (“Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guarateed. I have only done this once before.”).

3. BEL AMI (June 8) – A hot (but pasty and penniless) soldier (Robert Pattinson) in 19th century France uses his masculine wiles to get ahead/get some head.

4. YOUR SISTER’S SISTER (June 15) – What happens when your sister accidentally sleeps with the man you’re in love with. We don’t want to know. We mean, we want to know, just not personally. Emily Blunt stars with some other indie heavyweights you’ll recognize.

5. BRAVE (June 22) – If you don’t count the mom and the sister (who were basically non-entities), Pixar’s TOY STORY had only one female character: Bo Peep, the sexy little lamp who’s minuscule role was basically as Woody’s fluffer. After a whopping 12 films, Pixar is finally making a movie with a female lead. Let’s hope it becomes one of the Most Loved Pixar Movies, and that she has a cool female buddy, not just a domineering mother.

See movies 5 through 10 here!