Joel Stein Likes Us, He Really Likes Us!

Well, the humor columnist for TIME magazine likes our new book 150 Shades of Play. As do a lot of other very cool, smart, good-looking people. You should listen to them and do as they say:

“Unlike Fifty Shades of Grey, this was fun to read, informative, and didn’t take eight chapters to get to the sex part. Em & Lo have yet again taught me more about sex than all the extensive research I’ve done by watching porn.”

— Joel Stein, TIME magazine columnist & author of Man Made

“I consider Em & Lo my adopted sex daughters, and they have made me proud once again with 150 Shades of Play. Their sound advice, smart writing, and sense of humor empower women to give kink a try, safely and realistically—in ways that awful book Fifty Shades of Grey never could.”

— Betty Dodson, sex educator icon & author of Sex for One

“For readers looking to tap their erotic potential, Fifty Shades of Grey is only the tip of the sexual iceberg. With their signature sense of humor and commitment to educate, Em & Lo take readers on a guided journey into titillating, and often taboo, territories and expertly navigate a diverse landscape of thrilling possibility.”

— Ian Kerner, PhD, GoodInBed.com founder & CNN columnist

“Em & Lo mix the perfect quantities of smart and saucy; 150 Shades of Play is a spirited, comprehensive guide to the kaleidoscopic possibilities of sex and sensuality. You won’t find hipper, savvier, or more fun sexperts anywhere.”

Jack Murnighan, PhD, author of Much Ado About Loving & The Naughty Bits

For over a decade, Em & Lo have helped millions navigate new sexual frontiers. And now, with kink on everyone’s mind thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, there’s simply no one better to help us learn and laugh about what a sexually fascinating species of ape we are. 150 Shades of Play is both humanizing and hilarious!”

— Grant Stoddard, author of Great in Bed and Working Stiff

Em & Lo have distilled kink into its finest, funniest, smartest, and sauciest points. This is a delightful dictionary of debauchery for all persuasions. Throw out Fifty Shades and replace it with this, Em & Lo’s encyclopedia that doubles as a kinky lightning rod for your sex life.”

— Violet Blue, author of Lust and Total Flirt