The “Vulva Love Lovely” Etsy Store

vulva_love_etsy_421There’s an Etsy retailer called Vulva Love Lovely dedicated exclusively to women’s genital and reproductive artsy craftsy thingies. We could maybe see carrying around one of their little generic vulva pendants on a keychain as a funny feminist statement…maybe. But wearing a custom-made, realistic rendering of your very own naughty bits around your neck? That takes serious labes.

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little caesar
6 years 2 months ago

Really nice necklips, could be the perfect woman.

Madamoiselle L
6 years 2 months ago

I was telling my man about these, as the anchor woman on our local news was wearing a pin that looked REMARKABLY like one of these. (On TV no less, I wish I knew if it was.) I told him, “It looks like those Yoni sculptured jewelry things I told you about.” He didn’t get it. Found this thread, and showed him, and he just stood there with his mouth open. I said, “You send them a pix of your vulva and they make the pin or necklace for you.” He said nothing for a while, then quietly asked me,… Read more »

6 years 3 months ago

I love the cheeky idea of being able to wear matching pendant and earings on a night out.
Then watching as people look recognise and think twice about mentioning what they look like too you.
It would be great fun.

6 years 3 months ago

The huge pink uterus pillow just kills me. Might be a great conversation piece, but I really don’t want to be having that kind of conversation with anyone!