Top 6 Casual Sex Bloopers

hand_mouthphoto by demi-brooke

Actually, the term we prefer is “play d’oh!” (exclamation mark optional). A few of our favorites:

  1. Bleating “I love you” on a one-night stand, right as you climax.
  2. Crying right after you climax (especially common after ex sex).
  3. Accidentally drunk-dialing your boss’s cellphone instead of your ex’s — and tuning out during the recorded message so you end up leaving your boss a voicemail to remember.
  4. Wearing that pair of undies with the skid mark because you’re “only stopping by the bar for one quick drink,” and ending up in bed with a beautiful stranger.
  5. Forgetting someone’s name at the exact moment they moan, “Say my name.”
  6. Wiping so thoroughly right before a hook-up that you leave a teeny wad of TP wedged between your cheeks.

Learn how to avoid making your own play d’ohs in our book Rec Sex: An A-Z Guide to Hooking Up.

One Comment

  1. “Forgetting someone’s name at the exact moment they moan, ‘Say my name.'” “Say my name?” Seriously? Is that supposed to be some kind or sincerity test? Outside of a *very* long-term relationship, even if I knew their name I think I’d say “Sue” or even “George” or *anything* but their real name. Sheesh!


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