Top 6 Casual Sex Bloopers

hand_mouthphoto by demi-brooke

Actually, the term we prefer is “play d’oh!” (exclamation mark optional). A few of our favorites:

  1. Bleating “I love you” on a one-night stand, right as you climax.
  2. Crying right after you climax (especially common after ex sex).
  3. Accidentally drunk-dialing your boss’s cellphone instead of your ex’s — and tuning out during the recorded message so you end up leaving your boss a voicemail to remember.
  4. Wearing that pair of undies with the skid mark because you’re “only stopping by the bar for one quick drink,” and ending up in bed with a beautiful stranger.
  5. Forgetting someone’s name at the exact moment they moan, “Say my name.”
  6. Wiping so thoroughly right before a hook-up that you leave a teeny wad of TP wedged between your cheeks.

Learn how to avoid making your own play d’ohs in our book Rec Sex: An A-Z Guide to Hooking Up.

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“Forgetting someone’s name at the exact moment they moan, ‘Say my name.'” “Say my name?” Seriously? Is that supposed to be some kind or sincerity test? Outside of a *very* long-term relationship, even if I knew their name I think I’d say “Sue” or even “George” or *anything* but their real name. Sheesh!