10 Reasons to Love Velcro Wrist Restraints

Etherea cuffs from Lelo available at Eden Fantasies

1. Regular handcuffs can be mighty uncomfortable after a few minutes–in fact, the police-issue kind can actually cause nerve damage. But Velcro cuffs are built for comfort.

2. Sure, there’s something sexy about undoing your own or your man’s tie and co-opting it for your own kinky purposes, but the harder you pull on D.I.Y. cuffs like this, the tighter the knots get. And nothing spoils a good bondage sesh like having to take a pair of scissors to a $100 silk tie.

3. If your nosy aunt goes poking around in your bedroom next time she comes over for tea, she might just think you’re into arts and crafts when she finds a pile of Velcro in your nightstand.

4. Industrial-strength Velcro is surprisingly hard to escape from.

5. …That said, your captor can release you in a second, if need be.

6. Velcro has cool retro appeal, like a pair of ’80s sneakers.

7. Then there’s that sexy Velcro ripping noise. (Er, maybe that’s just us?)

8. Velcro is easily adjustable if the cuffs feel too loose or too tight. (Remember, to be safe, you should always leave a finger’s width gap between the body part and the cuff.)

9. Metal handcuffs are just a little cheesy, no? They remind us too much of bachelorette parties.

10. And, finally, of course, the most important reason to love Velcro cuffs: No key to lose!