5 Quick, Easy & Impactful Ways to Celebrate Planned Parenthood’s 100th Birthday!

Planned Parenthood’s Centennial is here — Saturday, October 16th — so get on the party bus to show your support for the organization that does so much to support women’s health and reproductive rights.

1.  Change your profile picture.
Make sure your friends and family know you proudly support Planned Parenthood yesterday, today, and the next 100 years.
Add a special #100YearsStrong filter to your profile picture »

2. Join the Thunderclap.
Help make #100YearsStrong go viral as our supporters around the world take part in a moment of action on social media using Thunderclap — a tool that makes it easy to send the same message at the same time.
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3. Chip in.
Your donation will power our work and make a difference for the folks who count on Planned Parenthood every single day.
Make a special #100YearsStrong gift today »

4. Celebrate on 10/16/16.
Join Planned Parenthood and celebrate their first century of care, education, and activism — and kick off the next!
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5. Take the pledge.
Stand with Planned Parenthood for the next 100 years. Help them build their legacy and launch their second century with as much passion, courage, and conviction as the first. Are you in?
Take the pledge »

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