52 Questions for Em & Lo

We finally finished the online interview over on EdenFantasys.com — 52 questions in all! (“What was the one fight you had about?”, “How fun was that bathtub photo shoot?”, “What’s the weirdest reaction you’ve gotten when you tell someone what you do?”). Below is a quick excerpt from the complete Q&A. Click here to find out everything (including the contents of our refrigerators — ooh, sexy!):

Q: Over the time you’ve been writing, have you noticed cultural attitudes toward sex in America getting more or less puritanical?

That’s a tough question. We wish we could say we’ve witnessed a decade of exciting change, but we think the culture is pretty much just as puritanical as when we started out in most areas — think gay marriage, abortion rights, the ridiculous double-standard rules of the MPAA, abstinence-only education in schools… It’s a constant tug of war, going back and forth, with the more progressive side only gaining a few inches in the sand over the last ten years — oh well, that’s better than nothing.

One area of improvement we have seen is how mainstream sex toys have become, which is awesome! It’s created demand for higher quality, safer products. More and more women own them, more and more couples use them in relationships, and more and more people are willing to talk openly about said sex toys. Oprah included!

Oh yeah, and these days EVERYONE has a sex tape, and it’s more likely to be a career-launcher than a career-destroyer. Though we refuse to view that as progress.

Q: Since all I can think about lately is Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d extend my madness into this interview. Tell me, what would you consider to be the *perfect* Valentine’s Day date?

Em: The most important element for me would be that I wouldn’t have to plan it — he’d just tell me to get dressed up and be ready to leave at a certain time. I’d like to have plenty of time to pamper and get glammed up, too — that’s a big part of the date for me. Other than that, I’m pretty easy, I think — a chi-chi cocktail at a bar, dinner somewhere that has candles on the tables, him agreeing to trade entrees with me halfway through dinner, then home together, holding hands. Of course, I’d also love to be flown off to Paris for the weekend, too, especially if it was all booked and planned and I just had to pack my suitcase — but even in Paris, I’d want pretty much the same deal out of the evening.

Lo: I’m gonna cheat and say “What she said.” Except for the whole glammed up part — I’m happy in jeans and sneaks.

Q: Do you girls get any hate mail (i wouldn’t know why you would ever get them though)? What’s the best, worse and most bizarre thing you’ve received in the mail?

We’ve been fortunate to not get much hate mail — we don’t think we’re that out there (or that popular) to inspire such bile (but we can dream!). As far as mail goes (and we’ll assume you mean email) it breaks down like this:

The best: Whenever we get a really sincere, heartfelt thank-you note from someone who took our advice and it worked.

The worst: The rare, weird, porn-y pick-up. Click-delete!

The most bizarre: It’s a tie between two advice requests, one from a man asking how to get his golden retriever to have sex with his wife while he watched, and the other from a guy who worked at the morgue who wanted to know if he could STDs from having sex with the corpses. Both were so sincerely written we weren’t totally convinced they were jokes.

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