And Now for Something Completely Un-Sex-Related

Ralph Helmick’s “Disorders of Magnitude”

Lo here, taking a break from the sex writing for just a day to talk about art. (Hey, everyone needs a vacation!) Anyway, as you know, we regularly write for the Sundance Channel’s blog SUNfiltered. A fellow blogger over there tipped us off to this cool wall installation made from staples by Baptiste Debombourg. Then, just the other day I got a letter from my first cousin once removed, the incredibly talented and hugely successful sculptor Ralph Helmick, that included an announcement for his most recent project “Disorders of Magnitude.” — which reminded me of the same kind of innovation and technical skill employed by Debombourg. It’s a portrait of Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) — the physicist best known for his Uncertainty Principle — using instruments that measure time and space hung from the ceiling: “While the composition appears to be random, the suspended elements coalesce into a likeness of the scientist when viewed from a single, unique perspective (the anamorphic phenomenon)…Biographical subtext aside, Disorders of Magnitude is a metaphor for the elusiveness of knowing oneself or others.” Far out! Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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