Baby It’s Cold Outside: 5 Toys to Warm You Up

Summer lovin’ is all about al fresco sex and stripping down. Polar vortex sex, on the other hand, means hibernating with a loved one (or your own sweet self) and keeping things warm… or, better yet, hot. Here are five ways to do just that.

1. Blossom Organics Warming Lube ($15)
Warming lubricants often contain chemicals or artificial flavorings that can irritate sensitive lady parts (not to mention taste awful). This lube, on the other hand, is pH-balanced to mimic a woman’s natural chemistry, and contains no harsh parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, glycerin, alcohol, hormones, pesticides, artificial dyes, flavorings or fragrances. Phew! Organic botanical ingredients create the warmth in this lube that’s water-based and latex-friendly.



2. Ambiance Luxury Massage Candles ($24)
These scented soy wax candles can be drizzled over bare skin (be sure to blow out the flame first!) for a warm, sensual massage… or some saucy temperature play. Conveniently, the melting point of soy wax is too low to cause burns, but high enough to heat things up — and when it’s rubbed into the skin, it acts as a massage oil. Available in four cozy fragrances: Pear Vanilla, Warm Amber, Fresh Bouquet, and Juniper Lime.



3. Inferno Glass Dildo ($180)
This hand-crafted hard glass dildo — don’t worry, it’s made of sodalime glass, so it won’t shatter like a wine glass! — is colored to look like a flame, with textured tones of red and yellow — we’re warming up just looking at it. And the best thing about a glass dildo like this is that it can be warmed (or cooled, though we don’t recommend that in a Polar Vortex!) for sensation play — just run it under warm (not boiling) water. This dildo has a bulbous head, contoured concave shaft, and two bubble-like ridges at the opposite end for varying sensations. Not recommended for use in a harness.


4. Verspanken WaterWieners ($22.50)
This is an accessory for the Verspanken Masturbator for men ($40), which is a self-love toy that offers a guy varying pressures and textures. And now, with this accessory, the Verspanken can provide varying temperatures, too! The two liquid-filled inserts can be warmed in warm water (or cooled in the freezer if you’re a polar bear) to add a touch of temperature play to the guy’s masturbation experience.



5. Contour Ceramic Massage Stones ($25)
These massage stones by Jimmyjane are made of body-friendly porcelain, which means they can be warmed up (or cooled down, in summer) for added sensation. Better yet, you can pour warm massage oil into the dome, transforming the massager into a spout that lets you drizzle the oil onto your partner. The creative shape allows for both long, smooth strokes and also deep-tissue massage techniques and pressure point stimulation. Plus, the ceramic is non-porous, meaning these stones are super easy to clean.