Comment of the Week: Getting Pegged Is a Pleasure

Terra Firma Harness from GoodVibes.com

In response to the confession “I Want to Do My Boyfriend with a Strap-on,” we seem to get a lot of guys mistaking this website for Penthouse Forum and posting letters which inelegantly discuss the graphic details of giving and receiving anal sex — almost always on the weekends, for some reason. And so it is a rare joy to receive a comment from a man on the topic, on a weekend evening no less, that is thoughtful, inspirational and, basically, not gross. Thank you, James:

This is a new adventure in my relationship with my girlfriend of three years…. I had never even brought up the topic of this with a woman [before]…but one night things just sort of progressed, and we became much closer for it. We started with fingers, and eventually I realized there was just something in me craving to be fucked by my girl. I know for some, it’s a domination thing. Not for us. I enjoy sharing roles in the relationship, and she does equally. And as a guy, it takes quite a bit of comfort with a woman to let them anywhere near that area, and vice-versa, so I think experimenting and pushing these boundaries sexually has actually benefited our relationship as a whole. I am not afraid of letting her do anything to me anymore. It builds a strong sense of trust. I wouldn’t endorse anything specific, to each their own, but don’t be ashamed of your own sexual desires! We all deserve to know this type of pleasure.