Comment of the Week: How to Stop Harassment from an Ex

In last week’s “Your Call,” Grace gave some great advice to a reader who couldn’t shake her harassing ex and his girlfriend:

Here are the steps you have to follow, as told to me by my local District Attorney:

  1. Immediately go to your local precinct and file a report of harassment. This gets the paper trail to the law. Bring as many printouts as you have, but don’t worry about bringing EVERYTHING from 4 years of stalking/slander. Just whatever you’ve got handy.
  2. Call your nearest FBI office and tell them what’s going on. They will ask for his name and such. They may refer you to the FBI Cyber Crime unit, which knows how to handle internet stalking.
  3. Sign up for a phone service called “TrapCall”. I have it, and for about $5/month, I can unblock private numbers. There is a loophole where doing this is legal. The service allows you to re-route a blocked call to an 800 number, and since 800 numbers have the right to unblock private calls… it bounces it back to your phone, and voila! His actual number will show up in your missed calls. Take a photo!
  4. Call an attorney who deals with stalking/harassment/slander and libel. What your ex is doing to you is a crime, don’t forget it.

Best of luck, and remember, the longer you sit back and wait, the greater chance of him finally crossing the line someday. You don’t want it to get to that point. Legal action *now* is a great preventative measure for peace of mind and safety later.