Comment of the Week: I Love EMandLO.com!

Okay, this isn’t a comment, it’s a private email we got this week, but it warmed the cockles of our hearts and stroked the nooks of our egos, so we just had to share. At first, upon cursory scan, we were afraid this might be some mildly creepy love letter from a reader with stalker potential, but it turns out it’s from a kindred spirit who just appreciates what we try to do around here. Posting it here is the equivalent of us sticking it up on our refrigerator doors for daily inspiration:

I love you. No, really. As a 41 year old lesbian feminist sex activist (or sextivist), I love you. As a woman, I love you. As a teacher in a small liberal arts college for women, I love you. As a professional photographer, I love you. As a sister of brothers, I love you.

It is through voices like yours that women learn that their sexuality fully belongs to them, to be expressed by and owned by them — that they deserve and are in possession of the same. Because when women take care of themselves, everything is taken care of – from Congress to the Congo.

So, thank you.

– J

No J, thank you.