Comment of the Week: I’m a Man and I Kegel

Figleaf said the following in response to our post “How to Do Kegels for Him.” We can’t believe we finally made Figleaf blush!

I first learned about Kegels for men from the original The G-Spot, which, for all its buzz about women “squirting,” was actually about misconceptions about both women’s and men’s sexual anatomy.

From that book, another way to exercise men’s pelvic floors is to drape a towel over one’s erection and flex it up and down. (You were supposed to start with a small towel and, I think, work your way up.)

I’m not sure why I’m blushing when I type this, but it’s been my experience that doing your Kegels makes a big difference in, um, orgasmic experience. Not sure why but specifically, for me, once I started doing them it made the plateau phase last a lot longer than it’s allegedly supposed to for men. And it made sensation during ejaculation a lot more intense.

Anyway, Kegels are definitely a good idea for men as well as women.