Comment of the Week: Orgasms Make Me Gassy

Reader Brak Wiend (heh) wrote the following in response to the post “Dear Dr. Joe: Do Some Men Fart When They Ejaculate?” The comment made us laugh and wince at the same time, but mostly it made us want to give this poor guy a hug (except without squeezing too hard, given his tendencies). Seriously, though, this is a reminder of why we all need to have a sense of humor about sex, and not be so uptight about bodily emissions. Farts happen. Queefs happen. Periods happen. These things are not the end of wild crazy passionate sex — in fact, being able to laugh together about farts (et al) in bed can actually increase intimacy. And increased intimacy can lead to wilder, hotter, kinkier sex, aw yeah.

I am actually one of these men. I dont fart at the exact same time but usually within about 5 minutes. after ejaculating I feel very relaxed and when I let my body relax I rip some seriously raunchy farts. Like I fart sometimes and its what ever, but the after sex farts smell like something died in my colon. Its actually very embarassing. I actually farted on a woman while she was down there giving me head one. It has more to do with tighening of the abs and a general feeling of being relaxed. its very embarassing. I have found that if I ‘go to the kitchen to grab water’ after sex its a convenient way to get out of the room.