Comment of the Week: Who’s Impressed By Bedpost Notches?

A lot of females these days would make a lot of ASS-umptions about why a guy may not have dated at 22. I’m sure a lot of them would rather you had been with several women already perhaps? Some are too foolish to realize that alot of guys don’t run around f__king everything that moves and maybe just maybe they respect women enough not to treat them like c#m buckets. Some guys don’t need to put notches on the bedpost and get laid constantly to try and validate our existence or try to prove we’re a “stud” or whatever.

Jason_, responding to the post “Your Call: How Can He Get a Date (Or Become More Dateable)?”

Actually, Jason_, I’m fairly sure that men are far more interested in each other’s bed posts than women. In fact, women are probably more inclined to be aware of the fact that more notches = more chances of you having an STD/being a womanizer, etc. So, your number? Only as important as my physical/sexual health. Proving your masculinity by sleeping around is something you do for other men, not women.

Dannie, responding to Jason_