Comment of the Week: You Can Leave Your Bra On

photo via flickr

Kev, responding to the post “Your Call: Can She Keep Her Boobs Covered Up During Sex?”:

Us men love boobs. But we also love sexy bras as well. And the right guy, when you find him, will love all of you. People do get hung up about their bodies, but if you are in love with someone, does it really matter? But you do need to build your confidence. Here’s how:

  1. Firstly, before bed one night put some music on, turn the heating up and have a good look at yourself in the mirror in your undies. Look at the woman that you see. Lots of men will look at you, and think you are gorgeous, attractive and beautiful — so why worry about your boobs? Imagine a guy you do fancy is seeing you in your lingerie for the first time, and you are seeing him, naked, for the first time. Let your mind wander with sexy thoughts.
  2. Shrug your shoulders to let the bra straps fall, slide your hands round your back and undo your bra, then slowly remove it to reveal your breasts. Lie on the bed and give your boobs and nipples a good massage, maybe with some warm oil. Relax, and let yourself go. (There is also a very good health reason for this, as regularly feeling your breasts and keeping an eye out for abnormalities can detect breast cancer. So learn to love your boobs!)
  3. When you go to bed sleep topless — it will feel comfortable.
  4. Invest in some sexy lace and satin bra and knicker sets. Something that will make you feel “sexy” under your clothes and your guy gasp as soon as he gets to see them! Babydoll nighties and chemises are also good bedroom wear. If it makes you more comfortable, go into another room to get changed into your lingerie — it will build a sense of anticipation in your man. When you walk out, think you are the star of the show.
  5. Despite rumours to the contrary, lots of us guys like foreplay, and a bit of mystery, so keeping your bra and knickers on while making out is a huge turn-on, and gives you a bit of time to get comfortable. You can tease — pushing his hands away if he tries to unhook your bra, saying “later,” with an devilish grin, shows you are in control, specially if you are stripping him out of his clothes.
  6. Stroking your bra-covered breasts against his naked body, while kissing and feeling him, is also something very arousing and will turn your man on.

Love yourself and love your boobs.