Comment of the Week: You Just Cracked Us Up!

We recently received a Facebook message that warmed the cockles of our hearts, and since we’re totally shameless when it comes to self-promotion, we thought we’d share it with you. Gerry, you made our month!

Dear Em & Lo,

I’m writing to tell you that I just finished laughing so hard, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t good for my health…after reading your 2003 book, “Position of the Day,” first by myself, then with my wife, the lovely Kathy. We’re both 60, so we’re glad we read the intro, but only after getting about halfway through the ridiculously funny titles of each position. Oh man..I mean oh woman…no, oh man sounds better. Anyway, that kind of laughter deserves a thank you. To make a short story long, I have no idea where this book came from: I found it in my writing room over the holidays and none of my four adult children have ‘fessed up. I have tested just reading the daily position names over the phone to friends and even without the “diagrams” they have had me and my friends snorting. It’s not pretty when 60 year olds are snorting, I’m going to tell you! Thank you ladies.


Sadly, we don’t get any royalties from the book this reader mentions (since it was a Nerve.com book back when we were on staff there), so if you want a fun and funny book by us, we’d recommend our more timely “150 Shades of Play.” (We can’t help the plugs, they just happen!)