Comment of the Week: Learn to Work with What You’ve Got

Sweetness is a woman after our own hearts: Size does matter but it’s all relative, Insert tab A into slot B, what works for one person may not work for another… It’s like she’s transcribing right out of one of our sex manuals! Whether she’s a kindred spirit, a super fan, or a plagiarist, we’re fans of her response to the post “Advice: My New Boyfriend Has a Small Penis…At Least, It’s Small to Me”:

Ok folks, here’s the deal. Size *does* matter. It matters for both parties. Women who are tight and shallow will always prefer smaller men. Women who are deeper and wider want bigger. There’s a whole are of eastern medicine that helps determine if both parties’ genitalia are suited for each other. Just like ears, noses, breasts, arses, feet and everything else, our genitalia varies from one person to the next.

I happen to be a rather deep woman with a very elastic vagina. I can take large cocks with ease and orgasm well, even when the guy is hitting deep. But, I also have the *best* orgasms from my very average hubby. We’re talking mind blowing multiples. His size is average, but he has taken the time to learn my body and what I like. He’s been with other women who were just way too shallow for him to do even moderately hard thrusting. Its all very personal, is what I’m saying. What blows one woman’s mind may be a total turn off for another.

So my advice to smaller than average guys everywhere is this, learn your woman’s body and you can play her like a harp. If she’s deep, grind it. If she’s shallow, try lighter upward thrusts. Most importantly, talk to each other!

Oh, and for the women, stop giving men complexes about their cocks. Like I said above, we’re all different. Just because its not right for you doesn’t mean its not perfect for someone else. If if the intercourse is not cutting it, but you really like the guy, try introducing a different position. Tell him that you love it when he does x. And *don’t* judge by what you see, give the guy a chance. A guy may look small, but it can be a whole different ballgame once tab a is inserted into slot b.

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