Dear Old Love…

dear_old_love-project_runway“Dear Old Love” is a Tumblr blog (celebrating its one-year anniversary) which collects short, anonymous notes to romantic interests both past and present, requited and unrequited. Reading them will crack you up/break your heart/make you wonder if they’re from your own S.O.s or exes:

  • Tuned In — I hope you took acid this past weekend and realized the universal truth of what a fool you are.
  • Can You Picture That? — Whenever someone tags a flattering picture of me, I hope you’re signing in to Facebook at the same time so it’s at the top of your news feed.
  • Now Sea Here — There are many fish in the sea. And sharks and whales, too. But I don’t want a thing that swims. I only ever wanted you.
  • What They Say About Chocolate — Your name sounds like my favorite chocolate. Dark, fruity, nutty. No wonder I love it, and no wonder I love you.

But we suspect the true value of the site is not in reading it, but in submitting your own notes to it, whether they be celebrations of current romantic successes or much-needed closure to toxic relationships long-gone.

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