Do It Tonight! Embrace All Those Dating Cliches

holding_hands_beach_sunsetphoto by mikebaird

Dates are not unlike weddings: None of the traditions are trite when they’re happening to you. For this reason, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going for long walks on the beach, making out on a shag rug in front of a roaring fire, buying each other a single red rose from someone selling them out of a bucket in a bar, visiting an Italian restaurant where they serenade you at the table, dedicating a song to each other on one of those late-night call-in radio shows, and cruising gallery openings and museum exhibits hand-in-hand. (Though don’t ever refer to a piece of art as “banal” on an early date. In fact, don’t ever do that, period.) One of the best things about falling in love (or at least like) is that you get to enjoy all those things you used to make fun of other couples for. So go on, embrace the cheese!