Dream Interpretation: BF Had Sex with My Legless Torso

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

I had the weirdest dream a few weeks ago. I was in the middle of a lab-like room hanging onto some sort of tilted chair, hugging it to me since my legs had already been hacked off. My skull was also sliced open and my brains were showing. All the while, my boyfriend was still having sex with me and really enjoying it. Then, he finished and it seems like I died. Except I didn’t because it was just part of an elaborate opening to our wedding. The chair I was on rolled away to reveal me, completely in one piece. And then we got married. I know I’m not ready to get married and I’ve told my boyfriend that, but why the elaborate mock up of a horror movie? I’m still grossed out just thinking about it.

Lauri: This just might be the strangest dream submitted to Em & Lo yet! Congratulations! Now, let’s make sense out of it. The lab setting of your dream indicates that you have recently been doing some serious introspection or you are currently experimenting with your relationship in some way. The tilted chair points to something in your relationship that feels uneven. Is one of you kind of running the show more than the other? Or perhaps you are leaning toward a certain idea such as staying put and remaining in the relationship even though you aren’t ready for the final commitment just yet. This may be why your legs were hacked off! Have you “cut out” the idea of leaving?

Your brains were exposed because you must have opened up and let your thoughts be known on this matter. And I think your boyfriend is enjoying sex with you while in this less than attractive state because he enjoys your open honesty and he orgasmed because you must feel he has gotten satisfaction from you in some way.

But then you die! Believe it or not, I think that’s a good sign. It suggests that you have let go of some older part of you (perhaps a distrusting or fearful part) so that a new you can emerge, hence the new you that is in one piece. This can also be a play on words indicating that you are no longer divided on the issue and are now at peace with it. The wedding that ensues is not necessarily about an actual wedding to this guy at this point in time, but more about your willingness to commit to him and see what is to come. Remember, dreams are thoughts that come from a different part of the mind, the part that speaks in symbols and often the symbols may – at first – have major Ew Factor but once you look into them rather than at them, they really do make an awful lot of sense.

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