Dream Interpretation: Do My Dreams Predict Future Failed Relationships?

photo by greeblie

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

I don’t have a problem meeting guys, but I do seem to have a problem keeping them around long enough to officially label ourselves “together.” Now, when I start to have feelings for a guy, I begin to dream about him: sometimes I kiss him, other times I just see him off from a distance, and other times he is with another girl. When I wake up, I know that it was only a dream, but around a month later after the dream, for some mysterious reason, we do not work out anymore. This happens every time and it’s frustrating! Does it mean when I dream about a guy I like, that they were not the one for me?

Lauri: Dreaming about a guy that you like does not at all mean that it is not going to work out for you.  It merely means that he is on your mind. We tend to dream about that which is on our mind the most.  Let’s look at the symbols that have been appearing in your dreams so you can get a better understanding of them and how they are helping you with your relationships.

Kissing in a dream is often about intimate conversation in real life because, like kissing, it takes two mouths to communicate.  These dreams are likely reflective of a recent intimate conversation or they are telling you it’s time for a deep conversation.  The dreams where you see him from a distance may be a heads up you are giving yourself that this particular person is either distancing himself from you or there simply isn’t anything that you two have bonded and become closer over.  And the dreams where he is with another girl could stem from your own jealousy issues (if there are any you need to let them go and not bring them into new relationships) or they are telling you there is something that feels like a third wheel in the relationship such as him spending too much time working or giving the X Box or something else more attention than he is giving you.

There are other common symbols that can show up in all of our dreams that give us the inside scoop on what’s really going on in our relationships!  The most common dream symbol that can be connected to your relationship is a dog. Whether it’s your dog or some dream dog, dogs represent loyalty and companionship. If the dog in your dream is happy, healthy and playful, then all is well in the relationship department. If the dog is ill, wounded or threatening then, odds are, this is a direct correlation to the dynamics in your relationship. Boats and ships are also common relationship symbols: the love boat, two ships passing in the night as well as the word play of relationSHIP.  The condition of the ship and the state of the water in these dreams will let you know if it’s smooth sailing or time to abandon ship, so to speak.  And the third most common relationship symbol is a car. Keep in mind that a car is not ONLY connected to your relationship. It can symbolize many different things in your life and how well or poorly that particular element of your life is running, but in my research I have found that a broken down car or a car crash in a dream is often a warning that a relationship is about to crash and burn or it has simply run its course and the “Drive” to continue with it is no longer there.

Don’t let your dreams freak you out about your relationships. Again, just because you are dreaming about a guy you dig doesn’t mean the relationship is going to end. It does mean that you are internally working on the relationship and figuring out if it’s a keeper or not.  So keep paying attention to your dreams. They are there to be a very honest commentary on the current state of the relationship and how you feel about it and even be a great source of guidance on how to best deal with it.  Your dreams are your very own, built-in best friend… if you listen to them!

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