Dream Interpretation: I Combed My Hubby’s Ex’s Hair

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. Got a dream you want Lauri to analyze? Click here to submit it. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

I dreamt I was sitting on a bed in a strange room with my husband’s baby momma. I was combing her hair. Some was real and some of her hair was fake. We are talking. My husband is in the room walking around. He just got out of the shower. I was asking her when they started seeing each other again. (He had a child with her before we married. The child is 19 and now he is talking with baby mama. Secretly. Lying about his communication with her.) Why am I being nice and understanding and combing her hair?

LauriYou find yourself in a strange room in this dream because you are in a strange place in waking life (hubby lying about his communications with his ex). You are combing her hair because you are trying to comb through and sort out your own thoughts regarding her. You see, hair in dreams often represents our thoughts because — like hair — our thoughts sprout from the head. The real hair represents true thoughts and emotions you are dealing with, and I believe the fake hair represents your thoughts regarding what is not true in your life right now.

You are having a conversation with her because a conversation needs to happen in real life… not a conversation with her, but rather a conversation about her. I think your husband coming out of the shower is the way your dreaming mind is telling you that you need to allow him the opportunity to come clean on his own. Perhaps they are talking about their son and that is all. Hubby may not be telling you — yet — because he doesn’t want to upset you.

I would take your dream’s advice and give him the opportunity to come clean. If he doesn’t in a timely manner, then in order to put this to rest, hence the bed, I would open up a friendly dialogue, hence the friendly tone of the dream, rather than an accusatory one. You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, after all!

Dreamer’s response: Thank you. Thank you. I have tried to talk with him and it ends with me angry and him shutting down. Two days ago I decided to back off and let us have this discussion when we are face to face (he does contract work out of state). When I made and accepted that decision, I became and felt calmer, more in control of my emotions. I agree with you 100%. Thank you again. Blessings to you.

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