Dream Interpretation: My Best Friend Ravishes Me

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. Got a dream you want Lauri to analyze? Click here to submit it) This week, a reader asks Lauri:

I’ve been dreaming about the possibility of being gay or I am gay. I had a dream today about one of my former closest friends. We were on a bed. She was naked, I was wearing a bra and my undies and pants. We were talking and next thing I was asleep. I woke up and she was on top of me. Next thing she is telling me to move so she can? I look down and my pants are half-way down my hips. I pull them back up and fasten them. I tell her, I love you but not this way. Then I kiss her head. The dream changes after this. Why am I dreaming this kind of stuff. I truly am not gay.

Lauri: Having a girl-on-girl dream does not mean you are gay. If that were the case, not a single one of us would be heterosexual! It’s important to remember, and I believe I say this in every column, that you can’t look at your dreams literally, because you will never get the message that way. Dreams are symbolic, they are metaphors for what is going on in your life and within you.

With that in mind, I believe this dream is either about a power struggle you are currently having in some area of your life, or it is about a power struggle within that former friendship. How so? The dream starts out where you are the one “wearing the pants,” meaning the one in charge. Then you wake up and she is on top seemingly in the process of pulling your pants down. In other words, you must have had a sudden awakening or realization in real life that she is trying to change the relationship where she is “above you” so that you are no longer the one wearing the pants.

Kissing her on the head is not unlike giving her the “kiss off” in real life because you don’t care for that sort of power struggle. Does this sound like what happened with your relationship? If so, then your dream is helping you to better understand why you are no longer friends. If not, then ask yourself what other relationship in your life seems to fit this description.

It is also possible that this could be about a power struggle within yourself and your former friend would then represent the part of you that wants to open up and be honest about something (since she is naked in the dream). Whatever the case, the part of you that likes to be in charge is the winner. Good job!

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