Dream Interpretation: He Makes His Current GF Watch Him Marry His Ex

photo via flickr

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. Got a dream you want Lauri to analyze? Click here to submit it) This week, a reader asks Lauri:

This is actually my boyfriend’s dream. He told me in it he was getting married to an ex and was making me watch — but that when he turned around to look at me he felt bad. I’m thinking he subconsciously wants to marry his ex but feels bad he is leading me on — but I figured I’d reach out to a professional!

Lauri: Your boyfriend opening up and telling you this dream is a good indication that he does not want to marry his ex. If he still had deep feelings for her, he would keep these sort of dreams to himself… unless he’s a bit of a sadist!

The marriage aspect of this dream seems to suggest that he is feeling he is stuck in some way to the ex. Did she break his heart and is the distrust from that still an issue for him? Do they have children together? Or are you always comparing yourself to her and bringing her up? In what way is the ex — or constant mentions of her — still in his life?

At the end of the dream he felt bad. As I always say, the end of the dream is usually where the most important part of the message is. Through this dream he is realizing that, whatever element of the ex that remains in his life, is unfair to you. Whether it’s his inability to let go of the distrust brought about by her bad actions, your need to compare yourself to her… whatever, it is something that isn’t right and your boyfriend seems to realize it needs to go. So good on him!

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