Dream Interpretation: My Boyfriend Doesn’t Care About My Assault

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Each week, Lauri tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means here on EMandLO.com. Here’s this week’s:

I had an odd dream. I was going to a movie with my boyfriend and they were searching people. He got searched and then walked on ahead while I took my turn. The guy searching me reached into my shirt and touched me inappropriately.I started screaming and a cop started yelling at him. My boyfriend came back and said “What’s taking so long?” and paid no attention to me crying. That’s the weird part to me, because he is not impatient and he is nice to me. So nice that when I woke up and texted him I had a bad dream he called me and asked if I was ok.

Lauri It seems some situation or some person in your waking life is getting too close for comfort… at least at the time of this dream. Your chest area is brought to attention in this dream, which makes me wonder if you were recently feeling pressured to open up and get something off your chest, so to speak. It could even be pressure you were putting on yourself.

It’s very interesting that your boyfriend asks you what is taking so long. Even though he is the one that says it in the dream, it is really a question you are posing to yourself. What is it YOU feel is taking so long? Is it taking a long time for you to feel comfortable enough to open up about something? Could it be those three powerful words you aren’t quite sure you’re ready to say yet? Or is it something else?

The fact that you are crying could mean that it’s taking a long time to heal from an upsetting situation, perhaps a healing from a previous relationship. Whatever it is, it may be time to open up about it.

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