Dream Interpretation: My Crackhead Ex Beats Up My Crush

photo via Flickr

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

Last night after my goodbye party from work, I had a dream that I was with my love-interest (not boyfriend but serious crush) outside at night-time on the street. Out of the building behind us, my ex boyfriend (first love from 7 years ago who actually broke up with me) came out in raggedy, second-hand clothes and asked if we wanted to smoke. We said sure we’ll have a cigarette. He was like, “No, marijuana.” We said, “Ohhh, no thanks.” Then he said “Well, what about crack? Or glue?” We were really disgusted and so we started walking away after he took out a hollowed-out pen and started smoking something. He started following us, but we really started walking faster to avoid him. He pulled onto my necklace, was making fun of it, pretending he was going to rip it off. I begged him not to and that the necklace was just given to me and it’s very special. My crush and I started walking faster and we had thought my ex was going to stay put. A few moments later, he started running after us, I was held back by someone, and my ex was beating the crap out of my love-interest as I cried and screamed and cursed my ex and I was helpless to save the boy I like. What in the world does this mean?!

Lauri: Anytime we acknowledge or celebrate the end of an era, such as you did with your goodbye party, we can’t help but hope for the future and contemplate the past. I’m sure that is what triggered your dream. Your crush is someone you hope will be a part of your future; contemplating what happened with your ex is a good way to make sure those issues stay in the past and don’t infiltrate your future. This is why your ex comes from behind you in the dream. That which is behind you in a dream often represents the past.

Your dream takes place at night because you may be “in the dark” as far as your crush’s feelings towards you and you are both outside because your feelings towards each other is something that really ought to be “out in the open.” Your ex is wearing raggedy, second-hand clothes because your dreaming mind is reminding you how he made you feel: raggedy and second-hand. The fact that he offers you a smoke is a warning that you should not be tempted to fall back into an unhealthy, addictive or repetitive behavior pattern in this possibly new, fresh relationship. The smoke he offers you turns into marijuana, which then turns into crack, which then turns into glue… in other words, it gets increasingly worse. This is a warning you are giving yourself that those repetitive behavior patterns, whether they are your behavior patterns or the patterns of people you tend to fall for, are a very bad thing. This may also be why he follows you in the dream. It is another alert you are sending yourself that you need to make sure you leave the past in the past, don’t let any negativities from that relationship follow you into this possible new relationship.

The beat down he gives your crush at the end is interesting. Your ex wasn’t violent was he? If not, then this part of the dream may be more about your fear that you could be rendered powerless to stop the demise of yet another relationship. Of course, this does not mean this is in the cards, rather your dream is giving you some very good, solid advice you need to keep in mind so that, should a romance blossom with your crush, you are better prepared to create a successful relationship.

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