Dream Interpretation: Two Exes, My Dad and a Dog

photo by Orin Zebest

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

I dreamed I was with my ex from many years ago, whom I had a hard time getting over. We were just sort of wandering around together in what seemed like narrow hallways. We got to one hallway and my dad was standing there with my dog, so we parted ways. The dream fizzled and suddenly I was dreaming that I was being set up on a date with a guy I met a few years ago but haven’t seen in quite a while. In the dream, we were set up at a restaurant that he owned (which had a house attached to it), but since it was crowded and we couldn’t find a moment to talk privately we ended up going to his bedroom to watch a movie. Suddenly, a ton of people came walking in, as if the party had been moved to the room and we never got a free moment. That’s when I woke up. By the way, I have been in a great relationship with an amazing guy for over a year. After waking up to these dreams, I was sort of worried and pretty confused.

Lauri: When the ex pops into our dreams it can cause us to be scratching our heads for days afterward.  Why him? Why now? I thought I was over that!  Sometimes the ex will pay us a visit in our dreams in order to help us out with a current relationship.  I believe that is the case with you.

You mentioned that it took you a long time to get over him. That is the narrow hallway in the dream.  The process of letting go of him has been a “long haul.”  The hall is narrow because when you are still holding on to the ex, it doesn’t give you much room to let anyone else in.  When you come across your father and a dog you finally part ways, because your father represents the part of you that “knows best” and that can put your foot down and take care of it once and for all. The dog represents loyalty, friendship and companionship. Your inner father must have made you realize that your ex was not providing that for you, which is why you part ways once this imagery is presented to you.

Finally getting the ex out of your heart and mind leaves much more room for someone better, such as your current boyfriend.  They why does this other guy you once knew suddenly appear? There must be something about him, something that stands out about his personality or what you remember most that you recognize in yourself… or that  you want for yourself or for your current relationship. It’s not about him, but about what you remember about him that you want in the “big picture” of your life or relationship, which is why you are watching a movie. Whatever it is, your dream is showing you that your life is currently too crowded, hence all the people walking in on you, and this is keeping you from giving this element that you want the attention and focus it needs. Put on your thinking cap and see if you can pinpoint what it is this guy represents, then make room for it in your relationship because the restaurant setting suggests that it is something you hunger for!

Response from Dreamer: Thank you, SO, SO much for taking time to interpret my dream. I was so surprised by it, I had a hard time composing a response to you until now because I had another dream that actually seemed to reconfirm your interpretation: I recently had a dream that involved my boyfriend and The Other Guy! So because of your interpretation, I sort of see what I am thinking… even if I don’t realize I’m thinking it! The Other Guy, from what I know, has a good, stable, regular 9-5 job… my boyfriend is a military officer, so while he has good and stable down, he doesn’t have regular. And he doesn’t have “close by”. We’ve been doing long-distance since May of last year and more recently, it’s started to get to me. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about that right now, but because of your interpretation, I have started to look into my options and feel more confident in them. Recently, I mentioned to my boyfriend that when he gets his next orders at the end of the summer, I am willing to reevaluate my own situation to accommodate him more… ie: move to be closer to him. He seemed receptive to the idea and has even joked about me moving sooner (even though that is not logical right now). I really do feel good about how things will go in the next few months. Even though they will be hard, you have no idea the relief I feel knowing there is a little bit of an end to this long distance stuff in sight.

Thank you again for giving me not only the “hint” to look into this, but also giving me the courage to bring it up. This relationship means a lot to me and even though it’s new and scary, I have realized I am ready to take the next step.

Keep up the great, great work!

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