Em&Lo Receive the 2012 Robert D. Moores Institute Integrity Award!

photo via Flickr

Okay, this isn’t really a thing (unlike our totally legit #3 placement on the Best 100 Dating Blogs that was in no way a marketing gimmick), but we’ll take it! After reading our passionate anti-cheating stance in response to the advice question “What’s So Wrong with Cheating on My Husband?“, Robert D. Moores became our #1 Fan. And we’re going to start the Official Robert D. Moores Fan Club in return. It’s just one big posterior smoke-blowing love-fest around here:

Wow.  I just subscribed by email purely on the merit of this post.

I ended up on Em and Lo searching for a simple answer to a simple question, and then followed a few links to this.  I am inexpressibly impressed with the integrity of your answer, and with the authority with which you offered it!  GREAT.  WORK.

Cheating is not a problem because of sex.  Cheating is a problem because of dishonesty.  Because of cowardice.  Because of laziness.  Because of disrespect.

I only know one side of this story: I’ve been faithfully married to an incredible wife for almost 11 years, and we communicate.  But for all you cheaters who are quick to point out that I only know one side of this story: SO DO YOU.

Honesty and communication work.  You just have to have the courage to try them, instead of pitying yourself and trying to find an easier way to deal with your issues.

I am not famous, but if I were, I would create an institution solely to be able to present Em and Lo with the Robert D. Moores Institute Integrity Award, 2012.