Get Our “150 Shades of Play” Kit on GoodVibes!

“Em & Lo’s Shades of Play Kit” at GoodVibes

We’re thrilled to announce that Good Vibrations is our first retail partner for our new book, 150 Shades of Play: A Beginner’s Guide to Kink! We’ve been big GV fans for years, and it’s an honor to work with them — we love what they stand for, and we love the way they do the thing they do. We always say you should shop for sex toys at a place you trust with both your genitals and your credit card information, and GoodVibes goes above and beyond on both fronts!

Even more exciting is the “Em & Lo Shades of Play Kit” they are now selling! The kit includes a copy of our book (natch), plus a selection of saucy and sophisticated accessories (all in black, of course!) to help make your Christian and Ana fantasies come true: the Intima Silk Blindfold, Ravishing Ribbon Cuffs, and the Ostrich Feather Tickler. Here’s what GoodVibes has to say about each of the items in the kit:

Intima Silk Blindfold

  • Restrict one sense and heighten all the others — and what more luxurious way to do it than with premium toy company LELO’s gorgeous new blindfold?
  • Stylish and sensual, the adjustable silk comes with ties long enough to finish your captive off with a pretty bow, or wrap the head more securely.
  • Soft solid-color silk on one side, same-color jacquard pattern on the other.

Ravishing Ribbon Cuffs

  • These boudoir-inspired wrist accessories will make you over into a pretty package and dress you up for decadent delights.
  • The Ravishing Ribbon Cuffs are designed for body adornment, to be worn as sexy accessories only, they are not meant for suspension or restraint play.
  • These luxurious cuffs are made of stretchy black organza so they are easy to slide on or off and accomodate many differently sized wrists.
  • The cuffs are connected by a non-removable silver-colored metal chain.
  • To ensure that you are as ravishing as can be, each cuff is adorned with a black silky bow, for a little extra sexy appeal.

Ostrich Feather Tickler

  • Tickle, tease and tempt your partner with this ultra-soft ostrich feather affixed to a 15-inch long handle — a perfect pick for those looking to get started with sensation play.
  • The long handle allows you maneuverability across your lover’s most sensitive areas, from a light fluttery caress to a more titillating tickling sensation.

150 Shades of Play by Yours Truly

  • If Fifty Shades of Grey has whetted your appetite for kinky play, but you don’t know how to indulge your newfound curiosity, sex and relationship gurus Em & Lo spell out everything you need to know in 150 Shades of Play: A Beginner’s Guide to Kink.
  • A literal “A to Z” of tips, tricks and ideas on BDSM and other forms of inspired erotic play, Em & Lo cover everything from what and what NOT to use to restrain your partner, how to safely spank your sweetie and DIY bondage materials for the budget-conscious kinkster.
  • Full of hilarious yet helpful illustrations and approached with the signature humor and charm of Em & Lo, 150 Shades of Play will have you well on your way to exploring this intensely erotic form of pleasure play.
  • [E&L: Aw, shucks, you guys! Mwah!]

Check out the “Em & Lo Shades of Play Kit” on GoodVibes.com now!