Got a Great Idea for a Sex Toy?

Funnily enough, one of the most common questions we get around here (after “How can I enlarge my penis?”and “How can I orgasm more/better/at all?”) is “I have a sex toy  idea — how do I go about getting it made?” We’re not in that biz, so we avoid those questions. But now we have an answer — not necessarily the answer, but an answer, and a fun one at that!

LoveHoney.com is holding a sex toy design contest this week. So if you’re a sex toy connoisseur, an engineer, a graphic designer, an inventor, or an incessant doodler, send them your sex toy idea and they might turn it into a product that earns you more than $150,000 in royalties!

There are 3 categories you can enter: Sex Toys for Men, Sex Toys for Women and Sex Toys for Couples. The winner of each category will win $1,500 and the Judges’ Pick will receive an extra $3,000 making it a grand total of $7,500 of prize money… plus the chance to have your toy made and earn royalties!

Trev Murphy from Dublin, Ireland invented the Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator (pictured) for LoveHoney’s 2009 contest, and has since had his toy made into a reality. It has sold over 120,000 units and earned Trev over $150,000 in royalties!

Deadline for entries is Monday, September 16, 2013.