Granta's New Sex Issue

Our friends at Granta, the fabulous Brit-based literary magazine, have just come out with their new Sex Issue! In it, twenty-one writers take on the topic from an array of shocking angles — from the musicology of
Zimbabwean sexual politics to the tale of a man seducing his lover in the pages of a national newspaper to art from Dave Eggers called “Four Animals Contemplating Sex.”

Sex is our oldest obsession. For as long as we’ve been doing it, it has been used as a mark of decline and a measure of progress. It has been at the centre of rituals and responsible for revolutions. We make money from it, hide behind it, prohibit and promote it. It relaxes us, revolts us, hurts us and helps us. But whatever we think about it, however we do it, it defines us.

Over the coming weeks, they’ll be adding new articles and stories — both from the print magazine and exclusive to the web — on their site.