How to Get the Most Out Of Lucid Dreaming…About a Celebrity!

David Beckham Sleeping, at the National Portrait Gallery in London (filmed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, now of Fifty Shades fame!)

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. Got a dream you want Lauri to analyze? Click here to submit it (18 and older only, please). This week, a reader tells Lauri:

Last night I had a dream, actually it was near morning so I was some kind of half awake and half asleep… I dreamed my celebrity crush, I guess it was a movie shooting that he was acting in it….so he was running, while he passed in front of me he turned his head and looked at me, that was when I saw him so I decided to follow the crowd, the next scene I remember is that I sat on a bench. The crowd was not there anymore, suddenly I saw him sitting on the bench (at this point I somehow knew I was dreaming!) so he moved closer towards me, so close that our sides were actually touching each other.

The creepy part of my dream is that I could feel him next to me, his thigh touching my thigh, and he started wrapping his hands around my shoulders (what I mean about feeling is that i could feel the pressure on my skin by his every move and touch!). So I was shocked that what he was doing, I guess he read my expression and told me that he really does like me!

He started holding my face and kissed me (I could even feel the pressure of his lips on my lips gosh so creepy yet I knew it was a dream!) Is it normal to really feel someone in your dream, to feel every move and touch of him like a real life?!

I have seen him in person several times, and he has seen me too, I am sure about that, but we never had a conversation together! And he is a celebrity so many girls have crush on him!!!

Lauri: What you experienced was a lucid dream, a dream in which you know you are dreaming and, yes, it is normal to feel, smell, and even taste in dreams… especially the lucid ones. Lucid dreams happen most often to artistic types: writers, singers, artists, etc. They also tend to happen most often in the morning before you wake up for good.

If your crush is on your mind a lot it would make sense that you would dream about him as well (we tend to dream about what is on our mind the most or what affects us the most). Dreaming about your crush is a safe and fun way to explore all kinds of possibilities!

But here’s the thing, you were lucid in this one. The lucid dream state is THE coolest state of consciousness… like EVER! You are awake and asleep at the same time. You are conscious while in your subconscious mind. At this point, you can do ANYTHING! There are no rules in dreamland.

A lot of people become lucid within the midst of a nightmare and use the lucidity to get out of it. I tell my clients to take advantage of their lucidity and don’t waste it on escaping the dream world but rather use it to explore the dream world!

In your case, I would ask your celebrity crush a question and see what kind of answer you get, because you WILL get an answer. I had a lucid dream just about a week ago and I asked “What is the meaning of life?” You know what answer I got? “It’s fun but whoa!” LOL!

So if you become lucid in your dreams again, have fun with it. Ask your crush a question or just throw him down and have at it. Dream sex is the safest sex there is, after all.

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