How to Really Enjoy National Chocolate Day

photo by Simon Goldenberg

Today, October 28th, is National Chocolate Day, just in time for that most candy-focused of holidays, Halloween. With all these official excuses to indulge, here are some sensual treats to satisfy your sweet tooth (among other body parts). Just avoid chocolate syrup straight from the fridge for any intimate encounters — it gets super sticky and just plain gross way too fast!

1. Chocolate Body Paint – Poeme Dark Chocoalte Body Paint that contains 9% pure cacao and comes with a quill-style applicator ($20), and Sensuous Chocolate Body Paint($10) that’s natural and comes in a jar made of recycled glass.

2. Edible Chocolate Rosebuds – Except they’re not called “rosebuds.” Think dirtier. Handmade in England, these come in a pack of three: dark, milk and white for $15 from high-end erotica shop, Coco de Mer.

3. Fun Factory’s Bodycare – Our favorite high-quality toy manufacturer has a line of sensual cosmetics that includes their warming Savoure Moi love fluid ($27) and their kissable bodypaint ($18), both of which come in chocolate, among other flavors. If their edible stuff is half as good as their vibrating stuff, it’s worth it!

4. Kama Sutra’s Edible Love Potions – Drugstore.com sells almost all of the items from this popular line of sensual edibles, including their Chocolate Body Paint ($12), Chocolate Creme Brulee Body Souffle massage cream ($18), and Chocolate Mint Loving Oils (in a set of other flavors, $29).

5. Chocolate Body Pens – These might be a little more self-contained than body paint sets, but you’ll have to warm them in a bowl of hot water first to get the chocolate love flowing. Available for about 10 bucks from Goodvibes.com.

6. Lickable Oils & Lubricants – own line of lickable body oil ($7) that’s made from only natural ingredients (check out their holiday line of winter flavors,$5). And they carry the Hathor Aphrodisia Lickeurs Lube in Chocolate Strawberry, which is flavored with certified organic concentrates ($17-20)

7. After Dinner Willies & Nips – You’ll get 10 chocolates filled with mint fondant  in the body-part shape of your choice. They may be funnier than they are tasty. Available from various web retailers.

This column also appeared in Metro