How to Spot a Hipster in the Wild

photo via flickr

How is it possible that hipsters have been around since the 1940s? (At least according to the OED, which equates the word with “hepcat.” Er, thanks for that.) Even stranger still, how is it possible that hipsters have been around since the 1940s and we still can’t exactly put our finger on what one is? In recent years the hipster even became a subject for academic (or at least highbrow) debate, with the fancy-pants journal n+1 sponsoring an entire symposium called “What Was the Hipster?” which became a book by the same name. Unfortunately we suspect the folks at n+1 of being hipsters in denial, which is why we can’t bear to read their book on the topic. We’d rather get our hipster spotting tips from Vice magazine’s Do’s and Don’ts feature, which has proved again and again that hipsters are kind of like porn: you know one when you see one. Or then there’s the blog HipstersFuckingLove.com. It’s not exactly a reliable source of information given that it’s updated monthly at the most, but there are some gems in there. Here are some of our favorites (none of which should come as a surprise to anyone who’s browsed the hipster dating profiles on sites like Nerve.com and OKCupid):

  • Hipsters fucking love feminist porn.
  • Hipsters fucking love board games.
  • Hipsters fucking love cupcakes.
  • Hipsters fucking love grammar.
  • Hipsters fucking love TED talks.
  • Hipsters fucking love mix cds.

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