I F’ed Up Royal: A Tale of Infidelity, Told in Stock Photography

Our friend Ben Weber just added a second series to I F’ED UP ROYAL, his hilarious and strange webseries about marriage and infidelity, told entirely via stock photography and “repurposed” photos. Don’t worry if you’re not caught up — you can watch an entire season in less time than it takes you to do a 7-minute workout. Episode one, season one, is above; you can watch every episode here.

By the way, if Ben looks familiar to you, it might be because you still obsessively re-watch old episodes of Sex and the City (hi, Skippy, a.k.a. dude #11 on BuzzFeed’s ranking of the 107 men of Sex and City); it might be because you have a particular fondness for Oscar Mayer commercials; or you could simply be mistaking him for Tom Hanks (you can hire him for that).