IDA: The Coolest New Breakthrough in Couple’s Massager Technology

We’re big fans of the Swedish pleasure object company LELO (and not just because they’re our dear sponsor) — we’ve never met a toy of theirs we didn’t like! But their brand new couple’s massager just might take the cake.

IDA is the world’s first couple’s massager that ROTATES. Of course the whole thing vibrates, but the internal extension actually rotates too! It’s worn by the woman during intercourse for extra sensation and stimulation for both partners (she enjoys clitoral vibrations via the external disc and g-spot stimulation via the rotating point; he enjoys extra vibration and rotating attention along the shaft).

“Revolutionary” is a term that gets bandied about with most new iterations of products, from paper towel perforation to mascara applicators, but in Ida‘s case, we think the term is well deserved: it may just be the game-changer that women who complain of an inability to orgasm during intercourse are looking for.

Here are all of Ida‘s impressive features:

  • Twice the power of any other couple’s massager currently on the market
  • 8 stimulation modes (6 standard, 2 motion-sensitive)
  • 100% waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Remote-controlled (there is also a version without the remote)
  • Made of body-safe silicone
  • 1-year warranty & 10-year quality guarantee

LELO’s Ida retails for $199 — you can receive 15% off by using the code Em&Lo1 on LELO.com! We can’t think of a better birthday/anniversary/holiday/just-because present for your signifiant other.

For more on how Ida works, watch the video below.