If You Tweeted Your Haiku Contest Entry, We Need to Hear from You ASAP!

Who knew that hashtags weren’t forever searchable on Twitter? Did you know that? Um, we didn’t. Which means we can no longer find any of the sex toy haikus that you Tweeted for our Lelo contest since #EmAndLoHaikuContest is no longer searchable. So, if you Tweeted your sex toy haiku, please send us your Twitter profile name via our contact form (choose Contest Entry from the pulldown menu) so we can find your entry/entries on your Twitter feed and put it/them in both the random drawing contest and the best written haiku contest for the Lelo Insignia toys. Don’t forget to include an email where we can reach you! We’ll give you until next Friday, December 16th to get back to us. (Note: no new entries will count; only Tweets that were made during the time the contest was open, thanks).