Incentive to Do Your Kegels

Here”s a cool new toy: vibrating dual balls that you can control the incremental speeds of via your PC muscles! It’s basically a “squeeze me” toy you control from the inside (you can manipulate it manually too, if you’re a lazy twat). The Vanity Vr1 by Jopen, part of their whole cool Vanity series, is an external bullet toy and internal kegelcisor in-one. The Vanity line is manufactured by Cal Exotics, a huge company that makes a buttload of toys, many cheap and crappy and bad for your bod, but with Jopen they’ve jumped on the luxury brand bandwagon. Which means for all these fabu features you’ve got to spend a pretty penny: about $125. Though it’s not always the case, when it comes to toys, you usually get what you pay for.

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